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30/07/2019 Extreme poverty rates are improving, but not as a result of social support  
Income inequality and poverty in Lithuania remain among the highest in the European Union (EU): in 2018, 22.9 % of the population lived below the at-risk-of-poverty threshold, 11.1 % - below the extreme poverty threshold...

02/07/2019 Meeting between the Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys and the INTOSAI Secretary General Margit Kraker
27/06/2019 Auditor General will discuss the issues of independence of the SAI of Lithuania with the heads of ECA and INTOSAI
25/06/2019 Expert team led by the European Court of Auditors begin the second peer review mission of the National Audit Office
18/06/2019 National Audit Office: territorial planning processes are not functioning properly
17/06/2019 The fifth meeting of independent fiscal institutions of the Baltic-Nordic countries is being held in Vilnius
13/06/2019 Why, even with a permit, construction can be declared illegal?
13/06/2019 Representatives of the National Audit Office and the International Monetary Fund to discuss the fiscal situation in the country
12/06/2019 Presentation of the activity of the Task Force on Municipality Audit in the EUROSAI Governing Board meeting
06/06/2019 National Audit Office submitted report on external review of audits carried out by municipal control and audit services
05/06/2019 Updated National Audit Office activity plan puts more emphasis on the recommendations
03/06/2019 Expert team led by the European Court of Auditors will begin the peer review mission of the National Audit Office
20/05/2019 International meeting in Vilnius: evaluation of public policies
17/05/2019 Supreme Audit Institution – finalist of the competition “The Best HR practice”
16/05/2019 Members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia exchanged experiences at the National Audit Office
15/05/2019 Management award to the Supreme Audit Institution
14/05/2019 General government balance is better than expected, however, amounts accumulated in reserves are lower than planned

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