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26/11/2019 Meeting with the Head of the National Audit Office of Finland: discussions on fiscal policy
18/11/2019 Representatives of the Supreme Audit Institution and IMF discussed the country‘s fiscal situation
14/11/2019 Representatives of the Office of the President and the National Audit Office together with responsible institutions agreed on improving directions for the management of fire safety and emergency situations
14/11/2019 Final stage of peer review of the National Audit Office of Lithuania at the European Court of Auditors
12/11/2019 Additional long-term liabilities should be compensated by sustainable long-term resources
08/11/2019 Conference on combatting the shadow: are measures in place to reach the target?
22/10/2019 Mission of the European Commission in Lithuania kicks off with a meeting with representatives of the National Audit Office
17/10/2019 Audit reports of the European Court of Auditors presented to the National Audit Office
16/10/2019 The National Audit Office points out the ineffective management of fixed programmes
11/10/2019 EUROSAI seminar in Lisbon discusses functions performed by municipalities
10/10/2019 NAOL: safe and legal work - prevention and control could be more efficient
03/10/2019 Lithuanian SAI elected as external auditor of INTOSAI for the second term
01/10/2019 National Conference on Sustainable Development “Signals 2019” will be held in November
26/09/2019 OECD: Lithuania’s IFI has brought fiscal transparency but lacks independence
24/09/2019 INTOSAI Congress: discussions on the role of supreme audit institutions in achieving the national goals
20/09/2019 Lithuania‘s economic growth is balanced but external risk factors remain important
19/09/2019 Strong and independent National Audit Office is an essential condition for the welfare state
17/09/2019 The importance of the smart tax administration is evident, but its potential is not yet exploited
12/09/2019 Joint audit of municipal real estate to be performed by the National Audit Office together with municipalities
11/09/2019 The National Audit Office encourages substantial changes in education
11/09/2019 National Audit Office - discussion on structural funds and impact of audits on the country‘s economy

National Audit Office of Lithuania

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