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Peer Review (2014)


The third Peer Review of the NAOL was conducted in 2014 by experts from the European Court of Auditors and the supreme audit institutions of Finland and Norway with the aim to assess the conformity of the NAOL performance to the ISSAIs and international best practices, to evaluate relations with the Seimas (Parliament) and audited entities, and to receive independent international experts’ recommendations concerning the improvement of the NAOL performance.

2014 Peer review of the National Audit Office of Lithuania


Peer Review team from ECA and SAIs of Finland and Norway starting their activities
at the NAOL in January 2014

Peer Review (2005-2006)

The second Peer Review took place in 2005-2006 after which SIGMA experts (auditors from Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany) stressed that the NAOL "is now a modern and functioning SAI", and that it "has now reached a reasonable level of professional development and operates to EU benchmarks".

SIGMA Peer Assistance Review Summary Report

SIGMA experts

Peer Assistance Review Team Present their Report. From left to right: Colm Dunne, Ireland, Nick Treen,
the SIGMA SAI expert and Peer Assistance Review Team Leader, Andrew Anderson, Scotland,
and Jens Risbjerg, Denmark.

Peer Review (2000-2001)

The first Peer Review of NAOL was carried out by SIGMA experts from the National Audit Office of Denmark, the European Court of Auditors (ECA), and the French Cour des Comptes in 2000-2001. The experts consulted in developing Strategic Development Plan of the NAOL and the new version of the Law on the State Control.


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