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29/10/2012 National Audit Office: free economic zones and industrial parks have failed to meet the expectations
25/10/2012 Audit institutions discussed audit quality assurance issues
24/10/2012 Lithuanian Business Confederation invites to co-operation
22/10/2012 Lithuania took over the responsibilities of the Acting Chair of the Contact Committee of the Heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union
16/10/2012 OSCE is interested in elections in Lithuania
16/10/2012 National Audit Office: More responsibility required in developing and assessing study programmes
04/10/2012 National Audit Office: National parks will be audited at an international level
02/10/2012 National Audit Office: the state budget for 2011 was implemented without material breach of legislation, although new accounting standards are still a challenge to the public sector entities

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