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30/10/2013 Auditor General: "Has it become immoral in our state to seek truth and justice?“
29/10/2013 Deputy Speaker of the Seimas paid a visit at the NAO
28/10/2013 Lithuania and Ukraine will cooperate in the area of control of public finances
24/10/2013 NAOL experience in the audit of the draft State budget presented at the INTOSAI Congress
24/10/2013 National Audit Office: public bodies are not giving enough attention to corruption prevention
23/10/2013 Everyday problems of audit institutions discussed at the XXI Congress of INTOSAI
21/10/2013 Auditor General takes part in XXI INTOSAI Congress
15/10/2013 Municipal audit issues discussed with representatives of local authorities of Moldova
15/10/2013 Experience in public sector audit shared at the NAOL
10/10/2013 Vilnius is hosting the annual meeting of the Contact Committee of the Heads of the EU Supreme Audit Institutions and of the European Court of Auditors
07/10/2013 National Audit Office: economic and social benefits of concessions are not always clear to the public
01/10/2013 Visit of a Moldovan delegation to the National Audit Office
01/10/2013 Auditor General presented opinions to the Seimas

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