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30/01/2014 The National Audit Office started an audit “Production of biometric ID documents“
28/01/2014 National Audit Office: centralised procurements still fail to ensure full benefits
23/01/2014 Meeting of the Auditors General of the Nordic-Baltic-Polish SAIs in Stockholm
21/01/2014 National Audit Office: agricultural reliefs are administered inefficiently
16/01/2014 National Audit Office: doubts about business continuity of the company Housing Mortgage Insurance
15/01/2014 International IT management framework now available in Lithuanian
13/01/2014 Performance of the National Audit Office will be evaluated by experts
09/01/2014 National Audit Office: not all fire and rescue forces are adequately prepared to fight fires
07/01/2014 In 2014 the National Audit Office will seek to step up the state's role in protecting human rights

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