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26/03/2015 National Audit Office: assets of state parks and reserves are managed inefficiently
25/03/2015 Information on the budget policy monitoring performed by the National Audit Office is provided on the NAO website
24/03/2015 National Audit Office: misappropriation of EU funds decreased in 2013
23/03/2015 An assessment of the NAO IT audit and IT governance areas carried out by Swiss experts
19/03/2015 National Audit Office has had its quality management system certified
19/03/2015 EU auditors: the focus should be given to the results and impact rather than EU funds absorption
18/03/2015 National Audit Office: there is lack of consistecy in public health promotion services
16/03/2015 The National Audit Office presented its Annual Report for 2014 to the Seimas
12/03/2015 The National Audit Office carried out an external review of audits conducted by municipal control and audit services
10/03/2015 National Audit Office: international events of particular importance should be subject to separate regulation

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