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30/07/2015 Observations regarding the control of the fund planning and asset using for the Ministry of Education and Science
28/07/2015 National Audit Office: Observations to the Ministry of Economy for the errors of the institutions under the Ministry
23/07/2015 National Audit Office: Activity of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour lacks responsible approach
21/07/2015 National Audit Office: funds allocated to functions of the Ministry of Health are melting away due to oversight, inaction, penalties
20/07/2015 Audit of higher education institutions conducted
17/07/2015 Financial (regularity) audit of the Ministry of Transport and Communications completed
16/07/2015 National Audit Office: increasing number of violations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
15/07/2015 Financial (regularity) audit of the Ministry of Energy completed
14/07/2015 Financial (regularity) audit at the Communications Regulatory Authority conducted
13/07/2015 Financial (regularity) audit at the Office of the Government conducted
09/07/2015 National Audit Office: only three municipalities provide all kinds of social services to older people
08/07/2015 Results of international IT audits discussed in Warsaw
07/07/2015 National Audit Office: significant share of the electricity price is still not sufficiently transparent

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