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29/09/2015 The Ministry of Interior Is Fixing the Situation of Public Procurement
29/09/2015 Auditors of the European Court of Auditors and the National Audit Office Share Experience
23/09/2015 National Audit Office: Ministry of Defence is making progress
22/09/2015 National Audit Office experience for EU structural investment auditors
21/09/2015 National Audit Office has approved State economic development scenario
21/09/2015 Lithuania and Latvia strengthen cooperation in the field of public audit
17/09/2015 National Audit Office encourages the Ministry of Culture to take decisive action
15/09/2015 Ministry of Environment receives observations from the National Audit Office regarding the rationale behind fund usage
10/09/2015 Lithuanian and Hungarian EU structural investment auditors share experience in Vilnius
09/09/2015 Heads of Lithuanian and Estonian supreme audit institutions debate over audit strategies
09/09/2015 Lithuanian National Audit Office shares human resource management experience with Moldavian civil servants
08/09/2015 State Tax Inspectorate receives observations from the National Audit Office regarding informational system development and public procurement
07/09/2015 OECD delegates have presented the results of the State-owned enterprise sector review at the National Audit Office of Lithuania
03/09/2015 National Audit Office: State treasury financial reports lack information regarding EU funds, which should be returned to State budget

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