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31/05/2016 National Audit Office to present report on Lithuania's long-term fiscal sustainability for the first time
30/05/2016 More reimbursable generic drugs available, but public access to them not improving
26/05/2016 Municipal governments should pay more attention to catering service procurements
26/05/2016 Inter-institutional meeting at State Tax Inspectorate
24/05/2016 Management of administrative municipal buildings in Vilnius leads to negative consequences
17/05/2016 Millions spent on developing educators' qualifications with no effect on student achievement
11/05/2016 Colleagues from the UK to help the NAOL apply methods of cost-benefit analysis
11/05/2016 Municipal audits receive injection of experience from Austrian colleagues
09/05/2016 National Audit Office to monitor public sector improvement
04/05/2016 Auditors paying greater attention to state-managed property
03/05/2016 Lithuanian and Estonian auditors of EU structural investment exchange experience in Vilnius
03/05/2016 National Audit Office submits information about the most frequently occurring violations of the procurement process to the Seimas

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