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31/01/2017 The Auditor General and the Minister of Finance discussed the need to reform public finances
30/01/2017 The Auditor General: excessive legal regulation imposes a burden on the State
26/01/2017 The National Audit Office has signed a cooperation agreement with the Competition Council
25/01/2017 Arūnas Dulkys: a smooth process of accession to the OECD requires joint institutional efforts
24/01/2017 The National Audit Office develops cooperation with the General Prosecutor's Office
19/01/2017 The Auditor General and the President of the German Supreme Audit Institution will discuss the issues of the audit of the national defence system
17/01/2017 The Auditor General: the strategic cultural policy-making should be given more attention
16/01/2017 The Auditor General: the area of energy is inseparable from the country’s economic development
12/01/2017 The National Audit Office presented the action plan for 2017 and the most important audits of the current year
10/01/2017 The Auditor General and the Minister of Economy discussed future audits and implementation of the recommendations already provided
09/01/2017 The Auditor General: monitoring of education is one of the major tools of education policy-making
06/01/2017 The Auditor General met with the Minister of Social Security and Labour Linas Kukuraitis
05/01/2017 The Auditor General and the Minister of Environment Kęstutis Navickas discussed priority tasks
04/01/2017 The Auditor General and the Prime Minister discussed the issues of cooperation to enhance the public audit impact

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