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28/02/2017 National Audit Office of Lithuania: the Ministry of Culture needs to take a more active making of national culture policy
24/02/2017 Prevention of suicide in Lithuania: no strategy nor implementing body
22/02/2017 National Audit Office of Lithuania submitted information about audit recommendations regarding protection of children‘s rights to the Parliament
15/02/2017 The Auditor General: the Ministry of Health should concentrate more decisions in their hands
14/02/2017 Auditors notice a lack of rational approach to the management of staff at public establishments
14/02/2017 Arūnas Dulkys: the country’s energy consumption effectiveness also depends on the expertise in the transport sector
09/02/2017 An audit performed on the state-budget funds allocated to the Goodwill Foundation
09/02/2017 The Auditor General and the Minister of the Interior discussed the most important issues of public management improvement
08/02/2017 The Auditor General: the State needs a clear vision of how to use the state-owned land
06/02/2017 The Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys: it is necessary to strengthen efforts to ensure cyber security in the country
03/02/2017 The National Audit Office gains valuable experience of audits on the education system from its Finnish colleagues

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