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27/09/2018 The Pre-School Education of Children up to 5 Years of Age Gives the Best Returns, However, is not Accessible for Everyone
26/09/2018 The Auditor General participates in the International Symposium in Austria: Free-riding is present even in the health system
20/09/2018 The heat map of Lithuania’s economic stance signals the need to increase the rainy-day fund
19/09/2018 Supreme Audit Institutions of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have started auditing the Rail Baltica/Rail Baltic project
19/09/2018 The SAI has been Visited by a Parliamentary Delegation from Georgia
12/09/2018 Which are the Areas where Implementation of the Audit Recommendations of the National Audit Office Face the Most Challenges?
05/09/2018 A Workshop of the Network of the EU Independent Fiscal Institutions is Taking Place in Vilnius

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