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05/09/2018   The Workshop of the Output Gap Working Group of the Network of the EU Independent Fiscal Institutions in Vilnius

The Output Gap Working Group of the Network of the EU Independent Fiscal Institutions has met in Vilnius at the workshop organized by the National Audit Office. The members of the IFIs from 15 EU Member States discussed the results of the Working Group’s activities, achieved in 2018, and shared best practices related to the modelling of the output gap, as well as the assessment of the estimates quality. Participant discussed issues related to the concepts of capital and labour inputs, the measurement of the uncertainty of estimates, and practical aspects of the application of potential output and output gap while measuring the structural indicators of the general government and long-term economic development.

Workshop programme


Sharing the best practices

Working in teams

Roundtable discussion: where we are and where to go next?


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