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2020 year
11/11/2020 Present exceptional uncertainty conditions highlight the importance of responsible fiscal policy
23/09/2020 As the economy recovers faster than expected, it is important to assess internal and external risks
27/08/2020 The National Audit Office of Lithuania: general government debt is expected to account for more than half of the country’s GDP in 2021
07/07/2020 Signs of rising expectations of business and consumers are observed but high uncertainty remains
17/06/2020 Last year all local governments adhered to the fiscal discipline rules, however, the need for data adjustment is still relevant in 2020
15/05/2020 The expected economic downturn in Lithuania in 2020 warns of the need for targeted fiscal policy that promotes economic growth
27/03/2020 The balanced economic growth in 2019 is outweighed by the exceptionally uncertain environment
2019 year
12/11/2019 Additional long-term liabilities should be compensated by sustainable long-term resources
26/09/2019 OECD: Lithuania’s IFI has brought fiscal transparency but lacks independence
20/09/2019 Lithuania‘s economic growth is balanced but external risk factors remain important
05/07/2019 First preliminary assessment of how municipalities comply with the fiscal discipline rules
17/06/2019 The fifth meeting of independent fiscal institutions of the Baltic-Nordic countries is being held in Vilnius
14/05/2019 General government balance is better than expected, however, amounts accumulated in reserves are lower than planned
29/03/2019 Lithuania’s economy will be driven by domestic demand, however the number of risk factors does not decrease
2018 year
08/11/2018 Fiscal risks scoreboard: there is no fiscal space for additional liabilities, it is necessary to further increase the rainy-day fund
20/09/2018 The heat map of Lithuania’s economic stance signals the need to increase the rainy-day fund
05/09/2018 A Workshop of the Network of the EU Independent Fiscal Institutions is Taking Place in Vilnius
30/07/2018 Signal: The current cyclical economic upturn in the EU is not being used to improve the underlying budgetary position
05/07/2018 The OECD has Taken Note of the Challenges Faced by the National Audit Office of Lithuania
04/05/2018 Fiscal Institution Submits Insights on Stability Programme of Lithuania for 2018
27/03/2018 The National Audit Office Submitted its Insights on the Economic Development Scenario
2017 year
15/11/2017 The National Audit Office: The Budget should be understandable to Citizens as well
06/10/2017 Demographic Challenges: Increases in Expenditure for Pensions will Increase Risks of Public Finance Sustainability
20/09/2017 The Economic Development Scenario for 2017–2020 is Suitable for the Preparation of the Draft Budget of the General Government for 2018
20/06/2017 General Government Finances are Sustainable, nevertheless Risks to Social Sustainability Remain
19/05/2017 On fiscal discipline’s questions there will be cooperation with foreign experts
29/03/2017 The National Audit Office endorses the economic development scenario for 2017-2020
2016 year
15/11/2016 National Audit Office Completed the Assessment of the Budget Project for 2017
21/09/2016 The National Audit Office endorses the economic development scenario for 2016–2019
21/06/2016 Fiscal Sustainability Report Presented for the First Time
03/06/2016 At the International Conference in Vilnius, Focus on the Culture of Fiscal Discipline and Sustainability of Public Finances
02/06/2016 Independent fiscal institutions of the Baltic States meet in Vilnius
31/05/2016 National Audit Office to present report on Lithuania's long-term fiscal sustainability for the first time
11/04/2016 Auditor General participates in meeting of OECD Parliamentary Budget Officials and Independent Fiscal Institutions
30/03/2016 National Audit Office approves economic development scenario for 2016–2019
2015 year
08/12/2015 Opinion on the Draft Budget for 2016 submitted to the Seimas
16/11/2015 National Audit Office evaluated the draft budget for 2016
14/10/2015 OECD delegates visited the National Audit Office
21/09/2015 National Audit Office has approved State economic development scenario
29/04/2015 Auditor General: fiscal discipline culture is yet to develop
01/04/2015 National Audit Office approved the economic development scenario for 2015–2018

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