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Advisory Panel

With a view to strengthening the execution and effectiveness of functions of the independent fiscal institution and ensuring that issued opinions and reports correspond to best practices an Advisory Panel was set up at the National Audit Office of Lithuania as of 18 April 2016. The members of the Advisory Panel will review and assess the opinions and reports prepared by the fiscal institution and provide the staff of the fiscal institution with consultations, advice, methodological assistance and other kinds of support within the limits of their competence.

Members of the Advisory Panel were selected taking into consideration their competence, expertise and research activity. Dr Zsuzsa Munkacsi, holding the master's degree in Economic Research from the University of Cambridge and PhD in Economics from the European University Institute, former employee of the Hungarian Fiscal Council, Dr Michal Horvath, holding the master's degree from the University of York and PhD from the University of St. Andrews, former member of Slovakia's Council for Budget Responsibility and Dr Swapnil Singh, holding the master's degree in Economics from the Tinbergen Institute and PhD from the University of Amsterdam / Tinbergen Institute, have kindly agreed to become members of the Advisory Panel.

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