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An expert team led by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has carried out the first external review of Lithuania‘s independent fiscal institution in the National Audit Office. The aim of the review is to evaluate performance of the independent fiscal institution against internationally agreed OECD principles and to provide recommendations to improve its effectiveness and long-term viability.

This OECD review was undertaken at the request of the Auditor General and the Director of the BPMD, in line with internationally agreed best practice. The review was carried out by the OECD with the support of international peers from the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council, the UK Office for Budget Responsibility, as well as a local expert from Lithuania. The NAO is also undergoing a separate peer review exercise.

OECD Independent Fiscal Institution (IFI) reviews provide a detailed assessment of how an IFI is performing against the OECD Principles for IFIs and assess the context, resources and independence, outputs and methodologies and the impact of its work. The methodology is anchored in an evaluation framework developed within the OECD Network of Parliamentary Budget Officials and IFIs. It leverages conventional evaluation tools such as stakeholder interviews,benchmarking and peer review. Each review offers a set of interconnected and mutually supporting recommendations aiming to strengthen the IFI’s potential to undertake fiscal oversight in a sustainable and impactful way.

A more detailed description of the review findings is available in the full report.

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