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21/03/2018 The National Audit Office: Regular Risk Assessment would Allow Having Effective Business Monitoring System  
There are 56 institutions in Lithuania monitoring the business from the effectiveness of which it depends whether there are no unjustified bureaucratic barriers, excessive requirements that create administrative and regulatory burden...

05/03/2018 The National Audit Office held a Discussion on the Sustainability of the Pension System
20/02/2018 Auditor General of the Republic of Lithuania is taking part in a Discussion on the Future of Fiscal Integration in Europe
09/02/2018 The National Audit Office of Lithuania conducted its annual audit on public funds allocated to the Goodwill Foundation
24/01/2018 State Real Estate Management Fails to Generate Appropriate Value
16/01/2018 The National Audit Office had Presented its Action Plan for 2018 and the Key Audits of This Year
14/12/2017 Tajik Parliamentary delegation visits the National Audit Office
08/12/2017 The National Audit Office has evaluated the public procurement system of the Ministry of National Defence
29/11/2017 Could Lithuanian Students Perform Better?
28/11/2017 The National Sustainable Development Conference “Signals 2017” has Commenced
15/11/2017 The National Audit Office: The Budget should be understandable to Citizens as well
14/11/2017 Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys and Delegation is Visiting Poland
08/11/2017 The National Audit Office was Visited by a Member of the European Court of Auditors
07/11/2017 Auditors: Residents pay Extra for Inappropriate Waste Management
26/10/2017 The National Audit Office was Visited by a Member of the European Court of Auditors Rimantas Šadžius
25/10/2017 Members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova had Visited the National Audit Office
17/10/2017 The National Audit Office had Presented its Conclusions Regarding Consolidated Public Financial Statements for 2016

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