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05/07/2019 First preliminary assessment of how municipalities comply with the fiscal discipline rules  
The National Audit Office, implementing the functions of the budget policy monitoring institution (fiscal institution), for the first time has provided an ex-ante assessment of the compliance with the fiscal discipline rules of the local governments in 2019.

25/06/2019 Expert team led by the European Court of Auditors begin the second peer review mission of the National Audit Office
18/06/2019 National Audit Office: territorial planning processes are not functioning properly
17/06/2019 The fifth meeting of independent fiscal institutions of the Baltic-Nordic countries is being held in Vilnius
13/06/2019 Why, even with a permit, construction can be declared illegal?
13/06/2019 Representatives of the National Audit Office and the International Monetary Fund to discuss the fiscal situation in the country
12/06/2019 Presentation of the activity of the Task Force on Municipality Audit in the EUROSAI Governing Board meeting
06/06/2019 National Audit Office submitted report on external review of audits carried out by municipal control and audit services
05/06/2019 Updated National Audit Office activity plan puts more emphasis on the recommendations
03/06/2019 Expert team led by the European Court of Auditors will begin the peer review mission of the National Audit Office
20/05/2019 International meeting in Vilnius: evaluation of public policies
17/05/2019 Supreme Audit Institution – finalist of the competition “The Best HR practice”
16/05/2019 Members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia exchanged experiences at the National Audit Office
15/05/2019 Management award to the Supreme Audit Institution
14/05/2019 General government balance is better than expected, however, amounts accumulated in reserves are lower than planned
10/05/2019 NAOL announced the winner of the audit examination

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