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Contact Committee

The Contact Committee is an assembly of the Heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the EU Member States and the President of the European Court of Auditors.

It is autonomous, independent and non-political assembly which meets every year and works to enhance co-operation among its members in order to improve external audit and accountability in the EU field.

The NAOL also participate in the activities of the Liaison Officers Network and the Working Groups on specific audit topics:

° Network on Fiscal Policy Audit

° Network on Lisbon Strategy / Europe 2020 Audit

° Task Force on the European Banking Union

European Court of Auditors

Court of Auditors

Cooperation between the National Audit Office of Lithuania and the European Court of Auditors (ECA) dates back to the so-called Luxembourg Declaration signed in 1996 which defined the objectives of co-operation between the SAIs of Central and East European Countries and the ECA.

Cooperation with the European Court of Auditors takes place in the form of ECA audit missions during which audits of the use of European Community funds in the Member States are performed. During such audits the National Audit Office of Lithuania provide the ECA with practical and logistic support as well as specific knowledge of the audited area.

The NAOL also maintain direct relations with the ECA by exchanging visits of the heads and delegations at the institutional level.

European Commission

We cooperate with the European Commission by taking part in audit missions meant to examine the use of European Community funds in Lithuania. Auditors of the NAOL participate in seminars and conferences organized by the European Commission's Directorates-General wherein audit questions as well as issues of the European Union funds and internal control system are analysed.

European Union

Each year representatives of the National Audit Office participate in the Annual Meeting of European Financial Control Authorities of Structural Funds “The Homologues Group” organized in one of the EU Member States. “Homologues Group" is an expert group at European Commission. Members of the group are representatives of national Audit authorities of EU Member States. "Homologues Group" is concerned with improvement of coordination of audit work and sharing of audit results with Member States relating to the implementation and expenditure of European Structural and Cohesion funds.


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