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Seminar on the Municipality Audit. NAOL Press Release



5-7 October 2015

Warsaw (Poland)

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NAOL Press Release Survey on the External Audit System of Municipalities Summary Report


NAOL Press Release

06-10-2015 Auditors of the National Audit Office Discuss the Issues of Auditing Municipalities in Warsaw

On 6-7 October auditors of the National Audit Office, performing municipal audits, lead the international seminar “Planning and Execution of the Budget of Municipalities”, taking place in Warsaw. During the event the representatives of the supreme audit institutions from 16 European countries discuss the issues of municipal budget planning and execution, adress the relating problems, talk about the efficiency of the control measures ensuring financial sustainability as well as external audit systems of municipalities in various countries and their improvement opportunities.

“Supreme audit institutions sharing their experience and the good practices help to identify the priority areas of municipality audit and achieve results, which make a substantial impact on improving the financial management of the public sector, ensuring financial sustainability of municipalities, authorised and rational management of funds and assets, as well as appropriate implementation of municipal functions. Therefore, the initiative of our auditors to invite the colleagues working with municipality audits for a fruitful discussion and cooperation is an excellent and solid step towards the best result for all of our countries.” said Regina Rudokienė, the Director of the Audit Department 3, specialising in municipality audits.

The seminar is organised at the initiative of the National Audit Office aimed at establishing a EUROSAI Working Group for adressing issues related to municipality audits. The participants of this event will continue discussing the issues of creating a working group, which would exchange the good practices on the financial management of local governments, audit methods and performance, as well as promote the implementation of novelties, increase the effect of audits and the efficiency of the given recommendations.

Aurelija Brukštutė, the Head of Vilnius Division, Audit Department 3 of the National Audit Office and the moderator of the seminar, emphasized that transparent and efficient management of municipal finances has a direct influence on the improvement of the quality of life of the society, communities and each person individually. Therefore, according to A. Brukštutė, the continuous exchange of information and sharing experience between the officers performing municipality audits are particularly important in order to ensure efficient and fruitful operation of the municipality audit systems in all of the countries.

The initiative of our auditors brings the representatives of the supreme audit institutions in Europe together to discuss the issues of municipal audits for already the third time. The first meeting of the auditors working in this field took place in Slovakia (2013), with the participants exchanging municipality audit practices, while the second meeting was hosted in Vilnius (2014) and focused on discussing the issues of auditing municipal debts.


Responsible for the information Aldona Puteikienė, Chief Officer, International Relations Division, Audit Development Department
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