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25/11/2020 4th conference SIGNALS 2020: Focus on data relevance, education and climate change
19/11/2020 New directions for cooperation and activities discussed at the virtual EUROSAI TFMA Annual Meeting
12/11/2020 Auditor General participated in the discussion on digital developments in SAIs activities
12/11/2020 Report of the Municipality Audit Working Group presented at EUROSAI meeting
11/11/2020 Present exceptional uncertainty conditions highlight the importance of responsible fiscal policy
15/10/2020 National Audit Office of Lithuania has presented audit opinions to the Seimas
23/09/2020 As the economy recovers faster than expected, it is important to assess internal and external risks
17/09/2020 Signals 2020 invites discussion on the importance of data, climate change, and education
15/09/2020 National Audit Office of Lithuania: changes in the education are taking place, but they do not yet ensure sufficient progress in the quality of education
08/09/2020 National Audit Office of Lithuania: State and municipal assistance reaches only a part of persons with disabilities, there is a lack of adaptation of environment and information measures
03/09/2020 National Audit Office of Lithuania: the timely Implementation of recommendations would have eased the response to COVID-19
27/08/2020 The National Audit Office of Lithuania: general government debt is expected to account for more than half of the country’s GDP in 2021
27/08/2020 Public procurement audit discussed in the meeting between representatives of the National Audit Office of Lithuania and Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania
19/08/2020 Cooperation plans between the National Audit Office and SKATs discussed
04/08/2020 President: information about COVID-19 procurement should be public
16/07/2020 The growing threat of cybercrime requires more attention to fight against it
16/07/2020 The President appointed Živilė Kindurytė as the Deputy Auditor General
15/07/2020 More than half of the State real estate held in trust by municipalities was used not for the allocated functions or was not used at all
14/07/2020 National Audit Office of Lithuania updated its Activity Plan 2020, which includes the management of risks posed by COVID-19
07/07/2020 Signs of rising expectations of business and consumers are observed but high uncertainty remains
22/06/2020 The National Audit Office of Lithuania: improving the conditions in the judicial system can improve the quality and speed of proceedings
17/06/2020 Last year all local governments adhered to the fiscal discipline rules, however, the need for data adjustment is still relevant in 2020
05/06/2020 Auditor General with heads of European SAIs discussed in a webinar the response of the public auditing community to the COVID-19 pandemic
02/06/2020 The National Audit Office of Lithuania has submitted a summary report of external reviews of audits conducted by municipal control and audit services
28/05/2020 2019 Annual Activity Report of the European Court of Auditors presented at the National Audit Office of Lithuania and experience on COVID-19 crisis response shared
15/05/2020 The expected economic downturn in Lithuania in 2020 warns of the need for targeted fiscal policy that promotes economic growth
12/05/2020 In performing the consolidation of the business supervisory institutions, it is important not to repeat the mistakes of the past
08/05/2020 NAOL announced the winner of the audit examination
07/05/2020 New Auditor General Mindaugas Macijauskas was sworn in
04/05/2020 On behalf of the Seimas, National Audit Office of Lithuania has carried out an audit of efficiency and effectiveness of environmental protection and pollution prevention
29/04/2020 ECA award for research on EU and public sector auditing
08/04/2020 The National Audit Office of Lithuania has published its Annual Report for 2019
03/04/2020 National Audit Office of Lithuania commemorates the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment
31/03/2020 The National Audit Office of Lithuania performs its activities in the face of the challenge to the public sector dictated by the quarantine
27/03/2020 The balanced economic growth in 2019 is outweighed by the exceptionally uncertain environment
23/03/2020 The certified quality management system of the SAI is functioning properly
18/03/2020 The National Audit Office has submitted a report on the implementation of recommendations
16/03/2020 Information on the Office work during quarantine
10/03/2020 Congratulations on 11 March, Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania!
09/03/2020 National Audit Office carried out compliance audit for EU Investments
10/02/2020 Good Will Compensation is used in accordance with legal acts
04/02/2020 National Audit Office: quality of vocational training is ensured insufficiently, the number of students is decreasing, premises and equipment are used inefficiently
31/01/2020 National Audit Office Activity Plan was supplemented by one more environmental audit
23/01/2020 Towards Improvement of Public Sector Institutional Framework – Review by the National Audit Office
21/01/2020 Municipal debt discussed at the National Audit Office with OECD experts
21/01/2020 National Audit Office: at the current pace, modernisation of all energy-inefficient multi-apartment houses would be completed in 100 years
15/01/2020 National Audit Office presented themes of the 2020 audits and planned assessments
07/01/2020 Rail Baltica project implementation needs to be enhanced to manage the risk of the project cost and time overruns

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