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12/05/2021 Lithuania should aim for a more favourable balance of COVID-19 measures for public finances
29/04/2021 National Audit Office provides an updated summary information on the COVID-19 consequences management
21/04/2021 The National Audit Office presented the annual report for the previous year
15/04/2021 National Audit Office was again elected to the EUROSAI Governing Board after a long break
07/04/2021 National Audit Office: State and municipally owned enterprises could bring greater benefits to the public, their functions should be clearer and their activities more transparent
31/03/2021 External auditors: The quality management system of the National Audit Office meets the highest requirements
30/03/2021 Economic recovery will depend on the progress of vaccination, unemployment remains a challenge
25/03/2021 Sharing lessons learnt by the ECA in audit digitalisation with the NAOL staff
23/03/2021 National Audit Office: Number of fire fighters on duty and provision of equipment do not meet minimum requirements
18/03/2021 National Audit Office provides the first statistical analysis of COVID-19 consequences management
17/03/2021 National Audit Office: an emergency in the country only highlights the importance of timely implementation of audit recommendations
16/03/2021 National Audit Office: Changes are expected in high-profile sports
10/03/2021 Annual report of the European Court of Auditors presented to the National Audit Office
05/03/2021 Cooperation agreement signed between the National Audit Office and the Chief Official Ethics Commission
23/02/2021 National Audit Office: recorded crime is decreasing in the country, however, the preventive system needs improvement
10/02/2021 The Auditor General met with the President of the SAO of the Czech Republic Miloslav Kala
10/02/2021 Good Will Compensation is used in accordance with legal acts
05/02/2021 The EUROSAI project on the follow-up of the implementation of audit recommendations was contributed also by the Lithuanian SAI
03/02/2021 The President appointed Lina Balėnaitė as the Deputy Auditor General
27/01/2021 The National Audit Office and the Bank of Lithuania sign a cooperation agreement
25/01/2021 Experts of the National Audit Office of Lithuania will perform a peer review of the National Audit Office of Finland
21/01/2021 National Audit Office presented topics of the audits and planned assessments in 2021
07/01/2021 The President: New Law on National Audit Office will enable faster achievement of Welfare State goals

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