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03/04/2014   Lithuania is hosting the third expert meeting of an international cooperative audit of national parks

Lithuania is hosting the third expert meeting of an international cooperative audit of national parks, which is coordinated by the National Audit Office of Lithuania and involves the supreme audit institutions (SAIs) of Estonia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Norway, and the Ukraine. The participants will discuss the results of the national audits, agree on the report structure and the contribution of each supreme audit institution to the report.

Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, Poland, and the Ukraine have already completed the national audits, Lithuania and Estonia, which participates as an observer, are about to finish their audits as well.

“According to the agreed work plan and international agreements, the meeting was supposed to take place in Lviv, the Ukraine; however, due to the current situation, the Accounting Chamber of the Ukraine had asked to hold the meeting in Lithuania," said Auditor General Giedrė Švedienė.

The supreme audit institutions of the Baltic and Nordic countries and Poland agreed on the international cooperative audit of their national parks in 2011. Later, these SAIs were also joined by the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Croatia. The National Audit Office of Estonia is taking part in the audit as an observer, i.e. without an obligation to observe the audit plan drawn up and approved by other countries in its national audit. The observer status allows the Estonian SAI to use the experience of other countries in its report and to contribute some useful examples from lessons learned during the reform of Estonian national parks  to the international report of the audit.

The first meeting of the cooperative audit of national parks audit was arranged in March 2012 in Warsaw, where  the participants agreed to audit the protection of nature and conservation of biodiversity in national parks, as well as the management and public funding of national parks.

The second meeting was held on 16-17 May 2013 in Vilnius. The SAIs presented the national audits launched in their countries, clarified the deadlines of the audits, approved a cooperation plan and a common audit plan, including audit criteria to be applied by the participating SAIs in carrying out the national audits.

The international report of the cooperative audit of national parks is planned to be completed and presented to the public at the end of 2014.


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