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28/02/2017   National Audit Office of Lithuania: the Ministry of Culture needs to take a more active making of national culture policy

Ministry of Culture should pay more attention to its main activity: making of national culture policy, setting of clear national culture priority objectives, key targets, as well as appropriately assessing the achievement of the set objectives, show the results of an audit conducted by the NAOL in the Ministry.

“The NAOL has conducted various audits in culture area: audit of subordinate institutions, of programmes implemented by the Ministry, of management of cultural heritage, etc. It has been noted that the implementation of recommendations issued to the Ministry by both public auditors, the Government or by other institutions was slow, while its performance results do not satisfy the expectation of the cultural community. Therefore the NAOL decided for the first time to start an organizational audit of the entire Ministry of Culture. Such an audit is complex and requires a lot of resources, however, it helps to reveal key organizational issues,” says Lina Balėnaitė, Deputy Director in Audit Department responsible for audits in culture, education and science fields.
In 2012-2015, the Ministry, its 46 subordinate institutions and 12 governance area entities used some EUR 625 million of State budget funds. The audit assessed if following the establishment of the Lithuanian Council for Culture and separation of culture policy making from its implementation, the Ministry of Culture started to more actively shape the culture policy and control its implementation; whether it ensured the oversight of subordinate institutions and development of activities so that the quality of their services would meet the public expectations.

Audit results show that culture policy in Lithuania is shaped without sufficient and reliable data for justification of decisions; not all the available qualitative culture area information (conducted research) is publicly available. The Ministry does not have accurate data on how many and what type of culture and art institutions are operating in Lithuania. There is more information on subordinate institutions to the ministry, however, it is not always required that these institutions carry out functions assigned to them. As survey of target groups showed, the cultural community does not feel any essential intensification of cultural policy-making, cooperation of the Ministry with the cultural community is also lacking.

National Audit Office of Lithuania issued recommendations to the Ministry of Culture. It is expected that the recommendations will assist the new management of the Ministry in initiating essential changes: to ensure the implementation of the key recommendations put off for a long time, encourage entities to improve their performance and use State budget funds in a targeted manner linking them with positive changes in culture management.


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Last updated on 25 April 2017

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