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22/01/2019   National Audit Office of Lithuania Presented Activity Plan for 2019

The Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) presented 2019 Activity Plan and its planned audits during this year. The Institution shall continue its analysis of the selected five priority areas, namely budgetary governance, education, public administration, management of public land and development of information society.

The National Audit Office Activity Plan for 2019 contains the following planned performance audits: granting of construction permits and compliance of construction process with the set requirements; renovation (modernization) of multi-apartment buildings; protection of consumer rights; management of internal control systems; public procurement of the Rail Baltica project, and other audits.

The SAI will also carry out an audit of the development of the institutional structure of the public sector which aims to assess whether the institutional structure of the public sector and the system for its improvement enable to carry out public administration in a uniform, transparent and efficient manner. The audit of the development of the institutional structure of the public sector is expected to be completed in the second half of 2019.

Last year the SAI presented the audit of the management of the state real estate and it shall continue to analyse the topic of state-owned real estate this year, and the audit of the state and municipal owned real estate will be started in cooperation with municipal controllers (municipal control and audit services) this year.

The National Audit Office will also assess how the audit recommendations have been implemented on time and to the extent agreed with the audited entities in order to evaluate and achieve greater impact of audits, providing with a report on the monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations of public audits published in the spring and autumn. It should be noted that last year the access to recommendations for data monitoring was provided to the public. You can find them in real time and a list of ongoing audits in Lithuanian on our official website.

In addition to the above-mentioned thematic performance audits, the National Audit Office will provide five opinions this year in implementing function of fiscal institution, and perform three audits of European Union investment funds. As usual, the SAI will also present its opinions on the national set of financial statement in 2018, sets of consolidated financial and budget execution statements of the State and six funds (Compulsory Health Insurance, State Social Insurance and other resource funds) and their implementation in 2019.

The National Audit Office would like to thank all those who have made suggestions for 2019 Activity Plan. 2019 Activity Plan of the Supreme Audit Institution can be found here.


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