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04/02/2019   Presentation of the use of Advisory Panel of the Lithuania’s Fiscal Institution in OECD Meeting

The Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys and Asta Kuniyoshi, Director of the Budget Policy Monitoring Department, performing the functions of fiscal institution, will participate in the 11th Annual Meeting of the OECD Network of Parliamentary Budget Officials (PBOs) and Independent Fiscal Institutions (IFIs) on 4-5 February in Lisbon (Portugal).

The meeting will include discussions on tax policy and its economic and budgetary impacts and will search for best practices enabling its proper assessment. An overview of the OECD publication “Scenarios for the World Economy to 2060“ will be presented at one of the meeting sessions, challenges for preparing long-term projections and their main uncertainties will be discussed. The meeting will present the best practise for independent fiscal institutions in using and engaging with social media.

During the working sessions participants of the meeting will share their best practices related to the activity of IFI’s and will showcase new and innovative products that help to deliver improved fiscal and budgetary oversight.

“In this meeting we have shared our Fiscal Institution‘s practice of working with Advisory Panel. This Panel is one of the elements for ensuring the quality of our activity. We set up the Panel in 2016 in order to strengthen the quality of functions of fiscal institution assigned to the National Audit Office, to ensure that our opinions and reports, methodology and measures applied in the analysis are in line with best practices of fiscal institutions”, said the Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys. “The OECD meetings provide us with a possibility to mutually share our expertise and knowledge, to hear and later apply the best practices and thus to improve the quality of performance of fiscal institutions”.

The 11th Annual Meeting of the OECD Network of Parliamentary Budget Officials and Independent Fiscal Institutions is hosted by the Portuguese Public Finance Council and the Portuguese Parliament.

After the transposition of provisions of EU legislation related to economic governance and the Fiscal Treaty to national legislation, the National Audit Office was mandated to perform functions of independent Fiscal Institution as of 1 January 2015. In implementing this function, the National Audit Office monitors compliance with fiscal discipline rules and the implementation of tasks defined in legal acts.


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