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02/04/2019   Supreme Audit Institution invites municipalities to carry out a joint audit of municipal real estate property

The Supreme Audit Institution – National Audit Office of Lithuania – in order to share its professional audit experience and good audit practice, as well as to develop cooperation on issues relating to external audits, initiates a project in the area of municipal real estate property management and invites Municipal Control and Audit Services to carry out a joint municipal real estate property audit.

The audit performed in cooperation with the Association of Controllers for Local Authorities, will assess if the real estate property in Lithuanian municipalities is managed in a targeted and complex manner, as well as weather it is used efficiently and with the aim of achieving the greatest benefit to the public.

The National Audit Office invites external auditors of all the Lithuanian municipalities to voluntarily join this project. The more auditors participate in such a project, the more complete picture of the actual situation in the area of real estate asset management will be established at a national level.

Municipal real estate accounts for the largest share in the real estate structure of the country – approximately 63 percent. This property is one of the measures for the municipalities to perform their functions, therefore, it should be managed rationally, bring benefit to the public and serve exclusively public interests.

In 2018, the National Audit Office conducted audit “The Management of State Real Estate”, which established that management of the State real estate property does not deliver proper benefit, is not always related to efficiency and there are no long-term guidelines in place for the management of this property. Municipalities might also face similar problems in their real estate management, therefore it is necessary to identify the problems in this area and to look for more efficient solutions in municipal property management.

The municipal real estate property audit project initiated by the Supreme Audit Institution will be implemented from July 2019 to October 2020. Summary results of the audit will be prepared by the National Audit Office according to its developed audit plan and based upon the results of audits, performed by Municipal Control and Audit Services.


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