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04/04/2019   The National Audit Office has Performed an Audit of EU Funds

In implementing the functions of Audit Authority for the state institutions responsible for the administration of the assistance of the European Union Structural Funds and compliance of operations and declared project expenditure with the set requirements, the European Union Investment Audit Department (hereinafter referred to as the EUIAD) of the National Audit Office has conducted an audit of the fourth reporting period of 2014-2020 (1 July 2017 – 30 June 2018): has selected and assessed the eligibility of 159 million Euros of expenditure.

The assessed projects were detected to contain 5 million Euros of ineligible expenditure. The most frequent mistakes were related to public procurement and procurement performed by non-contracting entities. In total, 617 million Euros were declared to the EC during the reporting period.

“Given the likely error rate in the expenditure declared to the EC during the reporting period slightly exceeded the tolerable 2 per cent threshold, when conducting the audit of the period between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018, we issued a qualified opinion. Currently the public audit report and its results is submitted for the subsequent decisions by the EC,” said Arūnas Siniauskas, Director of the European Union Investment Department.

Considering the fact that the identified shortcomings are not characteristic of the entire administrative system, and having regard to the risk reduction and corrective measures implemented by the audited entities (35 per cent of the EUIAD recommendations were implemented during the audit), we have concluded that, during the reporting period, the management and control system for the European Union fund investment programme was functioning properly, and requires only minor improvements.

It should be noted that EU legislation does not authorise the Audit Authority to assess the effectiveness of the use of EU funds during its audits.


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