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17/04/2019   Since 2015 the Number of Employees at the National Audit Office Was Reduced by 20 Percent

The National Audit Office consistently reduces the maximum number of authorised posts. The proposal of the Auditor General to reduce the maximum permitted number of posts of officials and employees who work on the basis of employment contracts and are financed from the state budget and public monetary funds by another 5 percent has been approved. This is already the fourth such decision based on the proposals of the Auditor General in recent years.

In numerical terms, the number of posts is being reduced by 18 posts. The maximum authorised number of posts for the Institution is set at 325. Since 2015, the total number of admissible posts has fallen by 20 percent.

"Over the past four years, the National Audit Office has consistently improved its performance by changing and downsizing its internal structure. We believe that public sector institutions need not compete in terms of the number of their employees, but in terms of their skills. More specifically, in the future, following the amendment to the Law on National Audit Office the draft of which is currently under consideration in the Seimas, the Institution will become an exclusive center of excellence," states Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys.

The new draft recast version of the Law on National Audit Office currently under consideration would provide the National Audit Office with even more possibilities to achieve ambitious goals and to benefit the society, to strengthen its independence and to increase its responsibility to the Seimas and society.

The maximum authorised number of posts for the Institution was reduced after the Seimas Board approved the proposal of the Auditor General.
It should be noted that the National Audit Office is currently the only institution in the EU that simultaneously performs three independent large scale and complex functions: the Supreme Audit Institution, the Budget Policy Monitoring Institution, and the European Union Investment Audit Authority.

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Last updated on 18 June 2019

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