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09/05/2019   Discussion on e-governance with Swedish experts at the National Audit Office

On 8-9 May, experts from Sweden are visiting the National Audit Office to share their practices on e-governance with representatives of the National Audit Office and partners.

During the workshop and discussions representatives of the Linköping University Dr Mariana S. Gustafsson and Prof. Elin Wihlborg, and lecturer from the Malmö University Dr Tom Nilsson will present main directions, objectives and tasks of e-governance in Sweden, analyse statistics of the use of public e-services, issues of digital inclusion. The general discussions will cover the shaping of e-governance policy, Issues, challenges and main results in the area of e-governance, open data, and personal data protection.

The idea to hold the workshop arose after the training on sustainable modern governance organised by the Swedish Institute within the Summer Academy for Young Professionals. During the training contacts were established with lecturers from Swedish universities who kindly agreed to hold a workshop on e-governance at the supreme audit institution of Lithuania.

“The visit of Swedish experts is relevant in the context of changes taking place in Lithuania: currently a model of the state information resource management is being created, and the project of the open data portal of Lithuania is being implemented. It is expected that these changes will contribute to the improvement of the state information resource management, wider data opening. Therefore, it is important to familiarise with best practices of other countries in the areas of e-government development and e-services creation”, says Director of the Governance Department Jurgita Grebenkovienė.


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