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20/05/2019   International meeting in Vilnius: evaluation of public policies

The National Audit Office of Lithuania together with the Cour des comptes of France are holding the Meeting of INTOSAI Working Group on Evaluation of Public Policies and Programs (WGEPPP). The meeting agenda includes three main topics: the implementation of the INTOSAI Guidelines on the Evaluation on Public Policies, the use of qualitative tools in performing evaluations, and involvement of stakeholders in the evaluation building.

“Audit quality and its continual improvement is the key principle of activity of supreme audit institutions. We are pleased that we have an opportunity to build on experiences of other countries, international organisations, such as INTOSAI and OECD and apply good practice examples in national SAIs,” - said the Deputy Auditor General Mindaugas Macijauskas.

During the meeting, participants exchanged experiences in application of the Guidelines and methodological practices, presented concrete case studies in evaluation on housing policies and programs. The National Audit Office of Lithuania exchanged the results of budget governance maturity evaluation which could be accessed here.

WGEPPP, in consultation with the INTOSAI community and international organisations have developed Guidelines on the Evaluation on Public Policies which were endorsed at the INTOSAI Congress in 2016. These guidelines aim at defining the main characteristics and methods of the evaluation of public policies with which the entities in charge of a public policy evaluation may conduct their work.

The Meeting of INTOSAI WGEPPP is attended by more than 30 representatives from 16 SAIs all over the World including participants from Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

INTOSAI Working Group on Evaluation of Public Policies and Programs, chaired by the SAI of France, was established at the INTOSAI Congress in Washington in 1992. The Working group aims to develop the practice of Program and Public Policies Evaluation by SAIs and to provide interested SAIs with information, methodological tools and good practice examples. The National Audit Office has taken part in the WGEPPP activities since 2003.


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