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05/06/2019   Updated National Audit Office activity plan puts more emphasis on the recommendations

The National Audit Office – Supreme Audit Institution – has updated its action plan for 2019, supplementing it by 4 new audits and 2 evaluations. According to the Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys, the updated activity plan of the institution focuses more on the implementation of the recommendations of the previous audits.

“The National Audit Office has carried out audits in a number of areas, however the implementation of audit recommendations is lagging behind. To support parliamentary control, we have not only added new audits to the plan, but we also want to enhance our focus on the impact of the implementation of recommendations of previous audits. Significant implementation delays are observed in the areas of budgetary governance, strategic planning, public investment programmes and education”, says Arūnas Dulkys.

The National Audit Office Activity Plan was complemented by an audit on “Governance of the State and Municipality Owned Enterprises and Public Entities”, which will assess the expediency of involvement of the State and municipalities in the activity of companies and institutions, their objectives and the monitoring of their implementation.

The updated plan includes audits: “Performance of Fire Forces in Reducing the Number of Fires and Damage Caused by Fire”, which will seek to ascertain whether the Lithuanian fire safety assurance and organisation model ensures effective implementation of these functions, and “Police Activity in Crime Prevention and Investigation”, which will assess whether the police are well equipped to contribute to crime prevention and ensure effective detection and investigation of criminal offences.

The audit “Consolidation of Institutions Responsible for Supervision of Activities of Economic Operators” will aim at analysing the implementation of the recommendations made in 2018 whether consolidation of institutions resulted in the optimisation of supervisory functions and reduction of supervisory burden on economic operators.

The Action Plan also includes two new assessments: “Assessment of the progress of the education system (pre-school and general education, vocational training)”, which will look at whether the changes to education policies and funding after the audits have led to funds being allocated to the success of children and pupils, and “Assessment of strategic planning and budgeting”, which will aim at revealing the changes resulting from the implementation of strategic planning and budgeting measures.

The situation in the implementation of key audit recommendations will also be discussed at this year’s International Conference on Sustainable Development “Signals” which will be organised by the National Audit Office for the third time and will take place on 27 November.

Updated NAOL Activity Plan 2019 can be accessed here.


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