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17/06/2019   The fifth meeting of independent fiscal institutions of the Baltic-Nordic countries is being held in Vilnius

Today, the meeting of representatives of independent fiscal institutions of the Baltic-Nordic countries is taking place in the Supreme Audit Institution, implementing the functions of the fiscal institution. The Swedish and Finnish representatives joined the Baltic meeting last year, and this year the meeting was joined also by representatives from Denmark. The fifth meeting of this nature discusses fiscal sustainability, public finances and fiscal policy.

The external review process of the Lithuanian independent fiscal institution, launched in April by an expert group led by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the activities of the Advisory Panel of foreign experts will be presented to the meeting participants. The Swedish representative will speak about the public impact of independent fiscal institution’s communication and a representative from Denmark will present the functioning of their national fiscal framework. The meeting agenda will also include presentations of the Management of government contingent liabilities in Finnish fiscal framework, Fiscal forecast errors: excise duties in Estonia, and Costing of election programmes in Latvia.

“These meetings aim at sharing experiences, tools and good practices between the representatives from each country. The takeover of good practice contributes to the main objective of independent fiscal institutions to improve the transparency of government finances. Each year, by taking part in these meetings, we and colleagues from other countries, share ideas that are later transformed into improved and more innovative analyses and publications,” says Saulė Skripkauskienė, Acting Director of Budget Policy Monitoring Department.

The meeting is attended by representatives from six countries, but seven fiscal institutions: The Danish Economic Councils, the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council, the Finnish Economic Policy Council and the National Audit Office of Finland, the Fiscal Council of Estonia, the Fiscal Discipline Council of Latvia, and the Lithuanian Fiscal Institution (Budget Policy Monitoring Department).

Since 2015, the Supreme Audit Institution of Lithuania has been entrusted with the task of carrying out the functions of an independent fiscal institution. To this end, a Budget Policy Monitoring Department has been set up to carry out monitoring of compliance with fiscal discipline rules, draw up the Institution’s opinions and reports submitted to the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania and made public.

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