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11/12/2019   Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys discussed educational issues in the President’s Office

On Wednesday, the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Gitanas Nausėda, met with the Minister of Education, Science and Sports Algirdas Monkevičius, Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys, and Deputy Director of the Special Investigation Service (SIS) Egidijus Radzevičius.

The Head of the country highlighted education as a priority area on which the progress of the country as a whole depends and expressed concern at the slow pace of developments.

“Financing for the education sector is increasing, but recent studies show that Lithuanian students continue to lag behind many of their peers in OECD countries. We cannot ignore long-standing problems and inefficient use of resources,” said President Gitanas Nausėda.

The Head of the country calls on Mr Monkevičius, Head of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (MESS), to respond to the fact that Lithuania still does not exploit the potential of early childhood education for a more successful future for children and greater social mobility, that the reform of the school network is not effective and efforts are lacking to establish an efficient vocational training system.

According to the President, it is necessary to step up the reforms in the education sector, implement the recommendations of the National Audit Office’s audits carried out in recent years concerning improvement of student achievements, quality of pre-school education and teacher qualifications, and ensure transparent and efficient distribution within the education system.

“When discussing a long-term education strategy, the Minister should first answer questions about the targeted use of funds to improve the quality of education”, said the President.

The Head of the country also stressed that a qualitative breakthrough can only be achieved by ensuring the effective functioning of direct subsidiaries of the MESS. One of them, the National Education Agency, established by merging six previously functioning institutions, has so far neither a manager nor clearly formulated strategic operational objectives.

According to the President, there is concern that the SIS recommendations on the establishment of an anti-corruption system in the subsidiaries of the MESS have not been implemented so far. At the meeting, it was agreed that the Ministry would draw up an anti-corruption programme in the near future.


Photo by courtesy of the President‘s Office (photographer: Robertas Dačkus)


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