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19/12/2019   European Court of Auditors published an overview of audits on public health system conducted by the EU Supreme Audit Institutions

European Court of Auditors (ECA) published an overview of public health system audits on behalf of the Contact Committee of EU supreme audit institutions (SAIs). This Audit Compendium is based on audit reports produced by 23 EU SAIs and the ECA in 2014-2019.

The second edition of the ECA Compendium includes an audit “The accessibility of healthcare services and the orientation towards the patient” carried out by the National Audit Office of Lithuania.

The Contact Committee overview focuses on health care, its legal framework, key goals and responsibilities at the national and EU level. The Compendium also reveals the main challenges that are faced by the European Union and its every member state. Over the last few decades, national health systems have been experiencing the ever-rising costs, ageing populations as well as mobility of patients and healthcare professionals.

The first edition of the Contact Committee Compendium on youth unemployment and the integration of young people into the labour market was published in 2018.

The compendium can be found on the website of the EU Contact Committee.


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