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21/01/2020   National Audit Office: at the current pace, modernisation of all energy-inefficient multi-apartment houses would be completed in 100 years

The modernisation process of multi-apartment houses needs to be improved in order to make their renovation more efficient and smoother, to accelerate thermal energy savings and increase the involvement of owners in the modernisation process, as is demonstrated by the results of the audit “Renovation (Modernisation) of Multi-apartment Houses” carried out by the National Audit Office.

There are currently around 38 thousand multi-apartment houses in Lithuania, of which 90%, built by 1993, are energy inefficient and should be modernised. The Programme for the Renovation (Modernisation) of Multi-apartment Houses approved by the Government provides for the modernisation of 4,000 multi-apartment houses by the end of this year, however only 2,941 multi-apartment houses have been renovated throughout the entire period of the programme (2005-2018).

“Even if it were possible to renovate all the planned 4,000 multi-apartment houses by the end of this year, taking into account the total number of multi-apartment houses with the highest thermal energy consumption, all houses would only be modernised in a hundred year time,” says Tadas Čiblys, Principal Auditor at the Economy Audit Department of the National Audit Office.

According to the results of the audit, the selection of projects for the modernisation of multi-apartment houses applied by the Ministry of Environment does not ensure that the most thermal energy saving projects receive public support. By July 2019, 35% of the most inefficient multi-apartment houses selected by municipalities in 2013 were not renovated due to the owners’ opposition to the modernisation.

According to the auditors, as a result of shortcomings in the preparation of investment plans, 78% of applications were returned for correction, if not corrected, on average around one third of applications are rejected every year. In addition, a third of the inspections carried out by the Housing Energy Savings Agency in 2016-2018 revealed shortcomings in the modernisation work.

In order to ensure the continuity of the process of modernisation of multi-apartment houses, the implementation of the recommendations of this audit would increase the involvement of owners of apartments and other premises in the modernisation of multi-apartment houses, and ensure a smooth process of modernisation, which would allow to increase the amount of thermal energy savings.


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Last updated on 16 June 2020

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