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04/02/2020   National Audit Office: quality of vocational training is ensured insufficiently, the number of students is decreasing, premises and equipment are used inefficiently

Provision of vocational training lacks efficiency, only one third of students use modern equipment, with the number of students decreasing, schools are unwilling to abandon unused school premises, assurance of training quality is not fully effective – this is shown by the audit carried out by the National Audit Office, entitled “Is Vocational Training Organised efficiently”.

“Despite the fact that labour shortages in various fields are felt on the market, only 27 % of young people in Lithuania are seeking a qualification with upper secondary education, whereas in the European Union (EU) on average 48 % of young people study in vocational training institutions”, says Lina Balėnaitė, Chief Adviser to the Public Welfare Audit Department of the National Audit Office.

According to the auditors, apprenticeships are an effective measure to facilitate a smooth transition from school to work, but in the academic year 2018-2019 the percentage of initial VET students enrolled in this form was only around 1.9 %, although the target for 2020 was set at 20 %.

Sectoral practical training centres (41) have been established in vocational training institutions (39) in order to achieve high-quality vocational training and to ensure that as many users as possible benefit from their modern equipment. In 2018, the target was set at the end of 2020 for 80 % of students to be trained with up-to-date facilities. In 2018, the share of such students was 34 %. The audit shows that only 15 out of 41 centres, work in two shifts, in order to allow students to also learn after work.

With the number of pupils decreasing, the number of VET institutions with fewer than 300 students increased. In the case of a merger, schools are not inclined to abandon unused premises, therefore the total area per pupil between 2016 and 2019 increased by 37 %.

An external quality assurance system for vocational training is still in the process of being developed and four vocational training institutions did not have internal quality assurance systems.

Providing learning opportunities for people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds or with special needs remains a challenge: In the school year 2018-2019, there were 26 (out of 67) vocational training institutions for pupils with special educational needs, there is a shortage of educational support professionals in schools and the levels of scholarships and material support do not help to reduce social exclusion.

On this link, you will find information (in Lithuanian) of the audit period (2016-2018) on each of the 63 vocational training institutions operating in Lithuania, the founder of which is the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. This list does not include 4 labour market training centres.

In 2016, the National Audit Office carried out an audit of practical training centres established in vocational training institutions, which identified problems of exploiting the capacity of training centres in practice, shaping the content of modern education and updating the competences of trainers.


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