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16/07/2020   The President appointed Živilė Kindurytė as the Deputy Auditor General

The President of the Republic of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda signed a decree appointing Živilė Kindurytė as the Deputy Auditor General for a five-year term of office.

According to the Head of the State, the National Audit Office of Lithuania as an independent audit institution performs a particularly significant function: it supervises the lawfulness of the management of the State property and execution of the State budget, which allows it to objectively assess the efficiency and transparency of the use of public funds. “It is of utmost importance in today’s situation when assessing the public expenditure allocated to dealing with the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic as well as planning investments of DNA of the Economy and the use of the future EU funds,” said the President who has repeatedly underlined that the budget needs to have sufficient funds to reduce social exclusion while the investments have to be allocated where they create the most added value in the long term.

Živilė Kindurytė joined the National Audit Office of Lithuania in 2006; until now she served as the Head of Strategic Planning and Analysis Division, prior to this she was Principal Auditor at Audit Methodology Division, Head of IT Audit Division. Živilė Kindurytė led the project which focused on the development of methodology for public audit impact assessment that substantially changed public audit approach to recommendations, their implementation, and monitoring.

According to the President, the expertise and experience of the Deputy Auditor General will facilitate the search for unconventional solutions for improving audit process and making it more efficient; adapting the latest information technologies in activity processes of the institution as well as aiming for increased implementation of recommendations.

Živilė Kindurytė swore to serve the Republic of Lithuania faithfully, respect and observe its Constitution and laws, strengthen, to the best of her ability, the independence of Lithuania, protect State property, and conscientiously serve the Homeland, democracy, and the well-being of the people of Lithuania.


Photo credit: Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania (by Robertas Dačkus)

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