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27/08/2020   Public procurement audit discussed in the meeting between representatives of the National Audit Office of Lithuania and Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania

Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania (ALAL) has finally managed to address the long-lasting issue that concerns municipalities and incurs financial and time costs regarding the public procurement related with the implementation of projects funded by the European Union.

Procurement inspections consisting of two parts – provisional before the announcement of the procurement and provisional before the signing of the contract – are conducted for some of these procurements by the Central Project Management Agency. There are frequent cases where irregularities are not detected after both inspections, but suspicions of irregularities are raised a few years later following the renewal of the inspections by the Agency.

“These different criteria for inspections cause a lot of inconveniences for municipalities – financial corrections are made; hence, payments to contractors or suppliers are suspended. Due to this reason, the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania saw it significant to discuss this situation with the head of the National Audit Office of Lithuania Mindaugas Macijauskas and find some ways to solve it,” said the President of ALAL Mindaugas Sinkevičius after the meeting.

During the meeting, Mindaugas Macijauskas emphasised that this situation, when agreements on uniform methodology of public procurement audit are not reached, is flawed; thus, a discussion with institutions supervising and controlling the projects will be organised in the near future to seek for an agreement on united practices when assessing the beforementioned projects.


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