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17/09/2020   Signals 2020 invites discussion on the importance of data, climate change, and education

On 25 November 2020, the National Audit Office of Lithuania (NAOL) will hold the fourth National Conference on Sustainable Development SIGNALS 2020. Following the conference slogan – EXPLORE. CREATE, the NAOL invites to explore signals and create changes.

The audits and assessment carried out by the NAOL tend to show that often the decision-making authorities make decisions without all the necessary and accurate data or collect that data which is not required for making decisions. In the Plenary session the NAOL will invite to discuss data and its importance to public administration areas. Lithuanian and international speakers will share their national practices and insights on why it is so important to base the decisions on objective data that is representative of the whole and be able to understand and interpret it correctly; they will also reveal the consequences of decisions that have been taken only partly on the basis of data-based evidence.

Quality education and training are key to improving people’s lives and sustainable development. Education has been a priority area of the NAOL over a period of years, and the discussion on this topic is returning to SIGNALS after a couple of years. This time a Parallel session on education will focus on ways to ensure that the education system is attentive to every student, regardless of their economic, social status, place of residence, and special needs.

The European Union has adopted an ambitious climate and energy policy strategy which includes a commitment by the whole Community and its members to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the consumption of renewable energy. The strategy is common, but it leaves Member States the freedom to set national targets. In Parallel session on climate change the discussion involving international experts will focus on prevailing trends and measures taken by countries to adapt to climate change and mitigate it, on the challenges that Lithuania faces and goals that it could choose. 

Signals that have been heard, how we recognised them, what changes our country needs? This will be discussed with experts in their respective fields at Connecting sessions, while signal catchers will summarise their insights at the Closing session that received a lot of attention last year.

Another traditional part of the conference is public sector auditors’ awards. By encouraging progress in this sector, the NAOL seeks to identify and recognise its colleagues. We invite public sector auditors to share their experience in innovative practices at work, non-traditional methods of auditing or day-to-day work organisation, and audit results from the areas reflecting the topics of the conference. During the Plenary session, we will award three authors of the most distinguished audit results selected by the panel.

The ongoing fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic and the assessment of potential challenges in autumn 2020 makes it unclear whether the conference will take place live. Safety of the conference attendees is a priority of the NAOL, therefore, if it is safe at the time, the conference will be held both as a live event. Regardless of the existing circumstances, the entire conference will also be held remotely, so that all those interested in SIGNALS 2020 will be able to watch it online on a dedicated platform. For the latest updates about the conference please follow


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