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17/03/2021   National Audit Office: an emergency in the country only highlights the importance of timely implementation of audit recommendations

National Audit Office of Lithuania by submitting a report on the implementation of recommendations to the Seimas Committee on Audit stressed the progress in implementing important recommendations. Implementation of more than one-third of the most important recommendations is still awaited, and some of them are postponed to the post-pandemic period.

Due to the emergency, the way in which public sector institutions operate has changed in the country. The audited entities reviewed the previously planned measures and deadlines for implementing the recommendations in the search for new organisational options. The National Audit Office observes that in 2020 the priorities in the field of public procurement were established, targeting them towards the Green Deal and innovations, a EUROMOD component of the model of social support, fiscal and social protection policy analysis for Lithuania was introduced, enabling to make evidence-based decisions and analyse the impact of the measures taken on social welfare, and emission permit rules were improved in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

“Monitoring the positive developments in certain areas of the public sector, we encourage other institutions to take actions more operatively and not to wait for the end of the pandemic. It is necessary to look for ways to implement the recommendations of public audits In the new directions of State governance, as the changes initiated by them would contribute to the management of the crisis caused by the coronavirus,” says Auditor General Mindaugas Macijauskas.

According to the auditors, continuity of Government’ actions in the areas of health care, programme budgeting, state investment, education, information resources management, public procurement and social support can contribute significantly to positive changes in the country and help overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The status of implementation of the recommendations of public audits is constantly monitored and a report on the monitoring of key recommendations is submitted to the Seimas Committee on Audit twice a year. Information about the implementation of all audit recommendations is published on the website of the National Audit Office, which is available and regularly updated at:


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Last updated on 25 March 2021

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