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29/04/2021   National Audit Office provides an updated summary information on the COVID-19 consequences management

The auditors of the COVID-19 Working Group of the National Audit Office continue collecting data and analysing the implementation of the measures approved by the Government to maintain liquidity for enterprises and promote the economy affected by the pandemic, and provide a second analysis of COVID-19 consequences management.

The statistical analysis of COVID-19 consequences management revealed that 14 ongoing state aid measures for business amounting to EUR 887 million contribute significantly to the containment of the effects of the pandemic on the economy. One of the measures is the tax deferral for 49 thousand economic entities (STI deferred EUR 410 million in taxes and SODRA deferred almost EUR 119 million in contributions). As a result of the aid measures in place, the number of bankruptcies has decreased by 51 %, but it does not exclude the possibility that the number of bankruptcies may increase following the end of state aid. There are positive developments in the labour market: the number of unemployed fell by 6 % (17.2 thousand) in March - up to 259.8 thousand.

More detailed information can be found in the infographics.



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