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Lithuanian SAI elected as external auditor of INTOSAI for the second term

The Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Lithuania — National Audit Office — was elected to carry out external audit of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) for the second term. During the second term, our audit office is entrusted the role of the audit team leader.

“During the next three years, external audit of INTOSAI will be led by the Supreme Audit Institution of Lithuania. This is a big responsibility for us. The responsibility entrusted to our institution to lead the audit team shows that it is not only the Lithuanian SAI is valued but also the authority of Lithuania is growing in the international community,” says the Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys.

The results of the audit of the INTOSAI annual accounts will be presented at the INTOSAI Congress to be held in 2022.

The Lithuanian SAI was elected as the external auditor of INTOSAI for a three-year period in 2016 for the first time and carried out audit of the 2016-2018 INTOSAI annual accounts within the international audit team.

INTOSAI is a professional organisation established in 1953 with 194 full and 5 associate members. The organisation helps Supreme Audit Institutions to adapt to increasing requirements, promote the dissemination of experience and innovation in auditing, and monitor the level of independence of the Supreme Audit Institutions of all countries. The United Nations has recognised the contribution of the INTOSAI and its members in promoting the efficiency, accountability and transparency of public sector management and in contributing to the achievement of the national and international sustainable development goals.

The National Audit Office of Lithuania became a full pledged member of INTOSAI in 1992.


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