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Press Release


Mission of the European Commission in Lithuania kicks off with a meeting with representatives of the National Audit Office

Today, the mission of the European Commission (EC) has commenced in Lithuania, which aims to assess the progress of implementation of recommendations issued by the Council of the European Union and to prepare for the annual analysis of the economic situation in Lithuania.

The EC fact-finding mission kicked off with the meeting with representatives of the National Audit Office (NAO) and the Bank of Lithuania. Auditor General Arūnas Dulkys and Deputy Auditor General Živilė Simonaitytė discussed with the EC representatives about the systemic audits conducted by the NAO and recommendations which, if implemented, would contribute to the purposeful and transparent use of State budget funds, the formation of a results-oriented budget, the improvement of the education, healthcare, and social security systems, the increased efficiency of public procurements as well as positive changes in environmental protection, agriculture, information resources, justice, and other areas.

The need to ensure and strengthen the NAO’s independence and professionalism, to expand the range of competencies of its experts, and to increase the audit impact on systemic changes in the country thereby building the trust in the public sector were also discussed. The achievement of these goals could be facilitated by the redrafted Law on National Audit Office currently being considered at the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.

At the meeting, representatives of the NAO presented their observations about the opinions regarding the national set of financial statements for the year 2018, the set of financial and budget execution reports of the State budget and six funds (the Reserve (Stabilisation) Fund, the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, the State Social Insurance Fund, and other resource funds), which have already been submitted to the Seimas.

During their visit to Lithuania on 22-24 October, the EC representatives will also meet with the NAO auditors. The meetings will include discussions on the results of audits conducted in various areas, the sharing of insights on issues related to budget planning system and the efficiency of public investment and expenditure as well as joint discussions about the social security, education, and healthcare systems, and issues related to public procurement.


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