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National Audit Office of Lithuania: the timely Implementation of recommendations would have eased the response to COVID-19

The timely implementation of recommendations, made by the National Audit Office of Lithuania (NAOL) before the COVID-19 outbreak, could have contributed to the more efficient management of public finances and facilitate the country’s emergency response; this is revealed by the latest report of the NAOL on the implementation of public audit recommendations.

“The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that started in spring was unexpected not only to Lithuania but also to the whole world. Institutions of our country had to mobilise all capabilities ant take action to help manage the crisis situation. With the possible second wave of the pandemic approaching, we can take proactive actions of preparation and plan future investments. With this report on the implementation of recommendations we want to emphasise the obligations of institutions: the recommendations whose proper implementation could have facilitated emergency management. In addition, we would like to draw attention to the most significant areas in which changes, helping to avoid possible consequences of the crisis in the future, are necessary,” says Auditor General Mindaugas Macijauskas.
Proper and timely implementation of recommendations in the areas of improvement of quality and accessibility of health care services, strategic planning, budgetary system and State investment programme, development of educators’ competence, management and security of information resources, efficient public procurement system, effectiveness of social assistance and fight with cybercrime are of particular importance for effective crisis management.

Although the first half of this year was devoted to addressing the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic, representatives of the NAOL observe progress in implementing some of the recommendations: a new Law on Strategic Management was adopted. Amendments to the Law on Education were also adopted, enabling to strengthen inclusion in education together with the development of measures for assistance in classes or educational activities. The adopted amendment to the Law on Public Administration created legal preconditions to improve public administration system. Currently, the Seimas is expected to adopt 10 draft laws proposing to solve the problems identified during audits.

The NAOL makes recommendations to audited institutions and monitors their implementation in each of its audits. The report on the implementation of audit recommendations is submitted to the Seimas twice a year.  All information on the implementation of audit recommendations is open to the public on the website of the NAOL – it can be found here: (in Lithuanian).


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