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The President: New Law on National Audit Office will enable faster achievement of Welfare State goals

President of the Republic of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda spoke with the Auditor General Mindaugas Macijauskas during a conference call and discussed the effectiveness of the findings and recommendations of the audits in improving the quality of public services.

The audits and works of the National Audit Office being finalised and planned are closely related to the implementation of the goals of the President‘s Welfare State. Mindaugas Macijauskas presented to the Head of State the priority areas of activities and works aimed at the progress of long-standing solutions to the State’s problems in nursing and social services, poverty reduction, quality of higher education, strategic management and state investment, innovation and technological progress, sustainable development and other areas.

Yesterday, the President signed the Law amending the Law on the National Audit Office and accompanying laws that significantly strengthen the supreme audit institution and its activities. According to the Head of State, during the phase of the transition of powers and a new political cycle, the National Audit Office is given more powers, its independence is increased, and control is strengthened, thus the quality of public sector services will be improved as well.

“We will speed up building a Welfare State if we have strong and competent public institutions. The new Law on National Audit Office provides significant preconditions to ensure that the recommendations and conclusions of the supreme audit institution will be smarter and better implemented in solving the existing problems of the State and ensuring that taxpayers’ money will be used to create the well-being of the population,” the President said.

Until now, the recommendations have not been formally enshrined in the Law on National Audit Office. The new Law legislates the system for monitoring the implementation of recommendations and parliamentary scrutiny. This will contribute to a more effective implementation of the recommendations of the supreme audit institution and to faster progress in improving public sector performance and public services. The Law also strengthens non-interference with the activities of the National Audit Office, creates legal preconditions for progressive performance of the institution and for regular evaluation of its performance efficiency by external evaluators.


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