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Cooperation agreement signed between the National Audit Office and the Chief Official Ethics Commission

The National Audit Office, the supreme audit institution, and the Chief Official Ethics Commission (VTEK) have signed a mutual cooperation agreement, which undertakes to provide each other with expert assistance and evaluations, to hold consultations, to share relevant information and exchange institutional best practices.

Such cooperation was approved today by the agreement signed remotely by the Auditor General Mindaugas Macijauskas and the Chairman of the Chief Official Ethics Commission Edmundas Sakalauskas.

“We are pleased that this agreement will strengthen professional cooperation between the institutions, which will help us, as the supreme audit institution, first and foremost, to ensure the quality of the audits performed. After all, there is no doubt that public sector bodies must unambiguously ensure that public interests are given priority when they take decisions on the management of state assets and finances entrusted to them. It is equally important that expert insights, consultations provided, methodological and other assistance of our colleagues will contribute significantly to the improvement of our institution’s activities in order to ensure official ethics, effective declaration of private interests and avoidance of conflicts of interest", said the Auditor General Mindaugas Macijauskas.

“I am glad that the two independent institutions, the VTEK and the National Audit Office, will be able to cooperate closely to achieve the common goal of transparent processes in the sound governance of the state. Exchange of expert assistance, methodological information and data will enable us to more effectively implement the tasks and plans set for our institutions. It is also great that the possibilities of the Register of Private Interests created by the VTEK and launched this year will be useful in carrying out audits, as well as strengthening the environment resistant to corruption in the public sector," says Edmundas Sakalauskas, Chairman of the Chief Official Ethics Commission. 

Institutions agreed to exchange information on the issues of declaration of private interests, management of potential conflicts of interest, formulation of official ethics policy, prevention of corruption and strengthening of the anti-corruption environment, and transparency of lobbying activities.


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