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The National Audit Office presented the annual report for the previous year

The National Audit Office presented the annual activity report for 2020 in the Seimas Committee on Audit. In the report, it identified last year’s works and changes in the public sector that were achieved as a result of implementing the recommendations made by auditors. Last year, the priority focus was on the areas of budgetary governance, education, public administration, state land management and information society development.

With the quarantine continuing in the country in 2020, the role of the National Audit Office became even more relevant in maintaining public finance management discipline, ensuring transparency and accountability. Over the past year, the National Audit Office carried out 21 public audits, 1 EU investment audit, and 4 assessments and submitted 7 budget policy monitoring opinions. The audits revealed systemic problems in the governance of the state budget, education, health care, social assistance and other areas and provided recommendations for possible solutions. In 2020, the legal regulation of the activities of the National Audit Office as the supreme audit institution was updated and the system for monitoring the implementation of recommendations was laid down.

“The impact, quality and dissemination are the directions chosen by our institution five years ago. Improvement of performance quality and targeted dissemination of results resulted in the greatest public confidence ever held in the National Audit Office. Our quality management system has become a part of the organisation’s culture and has allowed to face challenges of 2020 smoothly, whereas the new version of the Law on National Audit Office adopted last year is a significant event creating preconditions for the innovative performance of the institution. Another important change, initiated last year, is the assessment of audit impact on changes in the public sector. In the audit reports, we present not only measures for the implementation of recommendations, but also indicators to measure the actual impact achieved as a result of the implementation of the measures by audited entities," says the Auditor General Mindaugas Macijauskas.

Creating a positive impact on the public sector, 83 % of the planned recommendations were implemented in 2020. The attention of public sector bodies was directed to decisions and recommendations, the timely implementation of which could and still can facilitate emergency management.

In 2020, the National Audit Office commemorated the 30th anniversary of its restoration. An independent, professional and innovative institution has become a recognised member of the international auditing community during this period. The pandemic caused by Coronavirus disease has shown that the team of the institution has been able to maintain and ensure communication between all working groups and cooperation with the auditees in the light of the challenges they are facing. Continuing working remotely, a review of the COVID-19 crisis and emergency management was included in the Annual Activity Plan, the content of other assessments was updated.

In 2020, the National Audit Office used EUR 9.2 million from the state budget, 91 % of which was allocated to wages and social insurance. At the end of 2020, the institution had 291 staff members.


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