Materials of 1st EUROSAI Task Force Seminar on Municipality Audit and 1st Annual meeting of EUROSAI TFMA members

Plenary session

Presentations on the added value from SAI audits in municipalities

  1. "Using the Results of the Audit to Develop Guidlines for Local Governments", Ms Ines Vali, Auditor, the National Audit Office of Estonia. VIDEO
  2. "Lithuanian SAI practice: searching for new innovative ways to boost the added value", Ms Aurelija Brukštutė, Deputy Director, the National Audit Office of Lithuania. VIDEO
  3. Discussion paper "One self-government, two systems: How to make the system more effective?", Mr Valērijs Stūris, Head of Public Policy Planning and Analysis, the State Audit Office of Latvia. VIDEO
  4. "Self-tests as efficient vehicle to spread audit experience", Mr Jozsef Janik, Audit Manager, the State Audit Office of Hungary. VIDEO
  5. "Audit and Accountability in Local Government in Sweden", Ms Lotta Ricklander, Senior Advisor in Municipal audit and Ms Anna Eklof, Senior Advisor in Municipal audit, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. VIDEO


Workshop Session I

Defining menu for cooperation with different stakeholders (searching for optimal and effective cooperation methods, tools and chanels)

Workshop Session 1 guidlines



Panel of experts and stakeholders

What kind of cooperation and added value different stakeholders expect from SAI?

Panel discussion guidlines


Workshop Session II

The efficiency, economy and effectiveness criteria for utilisation of municipalities' budgets. The role of municipality deveelopment planning documents in the evaluation of the efficiency of municipality activities

Workshop Session 2 guidlines       Workshop Session 2 worksheet

Workshop 2 presentation "Experience of the State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia while conducting performance audits in municipalities"

Workshop 2 summary



1st Annual meeting of EUROSAI TFMA members

  1. EURORAI. Objectives and activities
  2. Implementation of Strategic Goals I-II
  3. Activities 2.1-2.3. External Audit Systems of Municipalities in Europe      Example
  4. Implementation of Strategic Goal III: Cooperative audits
  5. TFMA activities for 2018
  6. Short term tasks to be carried out by all TFMA members