Materials of 2nd EUROSAI Task Force Seminar on Municipality Audit and 2nd Annual meeting of EUROSAI TFMA members


Presentations of the Seminar “Local Government Finance: Future Challenges”

1. Local Government Finances: Towards Measuring «Quality»?

Hansjörg Blöchliger, PhD, Senior Economist, former Head of Fiscal Network Economics Department, OECD

2. Central Government Influence on the Management of Local Government Finances

Jūra Ivonaitytė, Deputy Director of Management Audit Department, SAI of Lithuania

3. Steering of Local Government Finances in Finland

Ville Haltia, National Audit Office of Finland

4. Handling and Managing a Municipality in Crisis The Taibeh Municipality in Israel

Isam Haskiya, Deputy Director of Audit Department B Local Government Audit Division, SAI of Israel

5. Audit on the System of Financing the Local Government

Peter Južnič and Luka Ramov, Republic of Slovenia, Court of Audit

6. Steering of Sustainable Local Government Finances by the Central Government: A System Enforced by Law

Laura D’Ambrosio and Francesco Sucameli, SAI of Italy

7. Successful Cooperation with Experts and the Use of Experts’ Work in Audits: Conditions, Risks, Solutions

Oskars Erdmanis, Sector Head and Baiba Bebre, State Auditor-Lawyer, SAI of Latvia

8. SAI Activities after the Audit Report: Experiences of the SAI of Slovenia

Helena Jenko and Peter Južnič, SAI of Slovenia

9. SAI Activities after the Audit Process/Follow-up Procedure - Experience of SAI Serbia

Stojanka Milovanović, Supreme State Auditor Sector for Auditing Local Authorities' Budget, SAI of Serbia

2nd Annual meeting of EUROSAI TFMA members