Representatives of the National Audit Office are Discussing Municipal Budget Issues at the EUROSAI Seminar

The second Annual Meeting and Seminar “Local Government Finance: Future Challenges”, of the EUROSAI Task Force on Municipality Audit, chaired by the National Audit Office of Lithuania, will be taking place in Belgrade, Serbia on 5-6 November. Representatives of the National Audit Office of Lithuania will be also sharing their experiences at the seminar.

The second meeting of the Task Force on Municipality Audit will include discussions on the financial well-being of local government, effective financial management and accountability, borrowing and debts, and the role of central government in those processes.

“The role of supreme audit institutions is to provide their respective countries with assistance in the sound management of their property and finances. SAIs should monitor potential risks in the public sector, assess related activity issues, and propose measures for improving their effectiveness. SAIs should see not only the separate colours of the stained-glass, but also the bigger picture, as that could prove useful in estimating the long-term impact of the respective activities,” said Auditor-General Arūnas Dulkys, Chair of the EUROSAI Task Force on Municipality Audit.

The seminar will also include discussions on a variety of methods designed for improving understanding of the level of government that’s closest to the citizenry, and how to identify universal financial challenges frequently faced by specific regions and countries. Jūra Ivonaitytė, Deputy Director of the Management Audit Department of the SAI of Lithuania, and Hansjörg Blöchliger, Senior Economist of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, will give presentations on and share their insights into municipal budgets and debt.

The annual meeting will also feature discussions on the implementation of the Task Force’s action plan, and the introduction of results and action plans scheduled for 2019.

The SAI of Lithuania has been chairing the EUROSAI Task Force on Municipality Audit since its very inception in 2016. The Task Force currently has 27 European member SAIs and one observer – the Regional Financial Control Authority of Switzerland.