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Operating principles of EUROSAI TFMA


Overview of external audit systems in local government, prepared as a result of the activities of the EUROSAI TFMA in 2018

In implementing Activity 2.4. and Activity 2.5 under the TFMA Strategic goal 2 “Making the external municipal auditing system more efficient”, Overview of methodologies used in local government auditing was carried out by representatives of SAIs of Croatia, Latvia, and Romania.

In implementing Activity 1.7.1 under the TFMA Strategic Goal I „Exchanging the best practice and experience to reach audit results that have a substantial impact on improving public financial management“ to ensure the municipality data are as accurate as possible and to encourage the secondary use of the data, representatives of SAI of Austria analysed the information collected from the EUROSAI TFMA members in the field of quality assurance and data collection.


Within the strategic goal 1, which refers to exchanging best practices and experience in reaching quality audit results that have a substantial impact on improving public financial management, SAI of North Macedonia, carried out the activity 1.9.1 which refers to gathering and analyzing information about municipalities' financing focusing on own revenues.